J-Painter. Online image editor.
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This is an image editor that can be integrated in a web application.
The drawing tools and GUI can be customized for specific needs,
for example:

  Sketch editor   Medicine drawing
  Photo annotation   Weather Map editor
  Ecard editor   Diagram editor


The editor allows drawing over background images, supports
transparent images, translucent colors. Users can insert cliparts
provided on the page or from their computers (try drag and drop).

The developer can decide which tools, colors, strokes, or patterns
are available and arrange panels and controls in preferred order;
define custom buttons to select a drawing tool, color, and style
by single click.

The image can be loaded in PNG, GIF, JPEG formats and saved
on the server in PNG or JPEG formats. The image can be saved
in its original size or scaled (e.g. to produce a thumbnail).

The editor is implemented in HTML5 Canvas, JavaScript and
is compatible with all major desktop and mobile browsers.
(no dependency on plugins or 3rd party libraries).

Your browser doesn't support <canvas>
J-Painter 2001 - 2015.

Drawing tools

Free hand drawing
Rounded Rectangle
Filled Rectangle
Filled Rounded Rect
Filled Ellipse
Filled Area
Select for Copy

General actions

Start a new drawing
Undo the last action
Redo the undone action
Text options
Save the drawing


Using Keys

To draw horizontal, vertical, diagonal lines, or perfect squares or circles hold CTRL or ALT key.
On tablet devices press button.