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Net Imaging. The product features.

General features

  • Net Imaging can load images in JPEG, PNG BMP, or GIF formats from the server using the link specified by the developer or open images on the local computer specified by the user.
  • When the user presses the button save "Save" Net Imaging uploads the processed image to the server in JPEG format using standard file upload request.
  • The image can be accepted at the server with any scripting language: PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, JSP, etc. (code examples are included in the download package).
  • In addition to the main image Net Imaging saves the image's thumbnail fitted in the specified size.
  • Net Imaging is a lightweight component (~100 KB). It doesn't communicate with the server during image processing and doesn't assume any graphic software on it. With Net Imaging you charge the client's computer to perform graphic job. Your server has just to receive the uploaded file.
  • As an applet Net Imaging operates in restricted mode (sanbox), that is it doesn't require full access to the user's computer.

Custom constraints

  • The developer can specify different image constraints, such as: aspect ratio, fixed or maximum size. Net Imaging will assist the user to produce the appropriate output image and prevent uploading inappropriate one.

GUI features

  • You can replace the button icons, specify what buttons are visible, or arrange them in the desired order on the tool panel.
  • Net Imaging text resources are kept in a separate text file. That allows you to show the labels and messages in any language.
  • You can hide all the applet buttons, implement your own controls in HTML, and invoke the applet's functions in JavaScript.
  • Net Imaging GUI can be resized dynamically
Read the developer guide

Read the developer's guide

Download the applet and documentation